A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An interactive music experience by Samuel Hollywood-Summers.

How to play

WASD or Arrow Keys to direct your brain. Listen to as many ideas as you like. You're likely to hear ideas you don't intend to, but that can only do you good.

Enjoy for as long as you like. Engage actively or leave it running in the background.

About the game

Made over a week for the Games Jobs Live Game Parade Spring 2021 jam.

All Visual art and coding by Sam. Most of the audio was also created during the jam, other than the ambiences, which are all contributions to the crowdsourced 'My Home' library, which Sam contributed to earlier in the pandemic. One of them was recorded by Sam in Exeter, and the others come from different parts of the globe.

The theme of the jam was 'Strength Lies in Differences'. To me, it is incredibly important to expose yourself to (and really absorb, consider and analyse) a range of different IDEAS. I chose to represent these with lightbulbs.


Made in Unity with Wwise audio middleware.

Logic Pro and Pro Tools

iZotope RX plug-ins

Pen and Paper

Oils on canvas

Gameplay Video

Tech Walkthrough/Post-Mortem

More on Generative Music

Mac Installation Advice

The downloadable file is a zipped folder that will need to be extracted. On Catalina (and possibly other OS versions) it will be necessary to do this by using 'The Unarchiver' or similar. https://theunarchiver.com/

On my machine, if I use the default Archive Utility to extract the zipped folder (what happens if you just double click), the app will not run. If I instead install 'The Unarchiver', I can right click (ctr click) the zipped folder, and select 'Open With > The Unarchiver'. Once this is complete, I can right/ctr click the extracted app and select to open it. If you see a warning, select 'open anyway'.

If you are a Mac user attempting to play Indie games downloaded from Itch, you may already be aware of all this.

Thanks for playing


Install instructions

To run on a Windows PC, download the zip folder. Extract the contents, then double click the application 'Bright Ideas' to start.


Original Jam Version 436 MB
Windows Version with Audio Compression 70 MB
Mac Version 75 MB


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Good idea! I liked the 49Hz hum idea, it adds atmosphere. It is nice to "make music" by moving around the brain.