If you can make a choice, you can make music. 

Bedroom Producer is a songwriting simulator that guides the user through the creative process of writing a song from scratch. It does this by asking the user to make creative decisions, which are then implemented and heard instantly. The music is built in real time, with layers being added, removed or changed according to the user’s decisions. Plain English, rather than jargon, is used.

The project is currently in early development, with a playable demo as proof-of-concept. Expect more choices, more emotional flavours, and more styles of music to explore.

The design pillars are accessibility, fantasy fulfilment and exploration. Bedroom Producer invites everyone to participate in creative expression, and to create beautiful music that communicates their personality, regardless of their musical education and experience level. If you can make a choice, you can make music.

Instructions for the demo

Use your cursor to make decisions between the options presented.

Options can be previewed by hovering the curser over a choice.

Finalise a choice by clicking.

Reverse a choice with "undo".

Have fun exploring.

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